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My Last Article With by BoogaP

By BoogaP

I would like to start by saying that I can’t possibly thank Fansided,, and, especially, editorial director Ernie Padaon enough for the opportunity to be a staff writer for this website. I have truly enjoyed my time here and can’t put into words what it has meant to me.

The BoltBeat family is a close-knit bunch and that starts with you, the readers. Whether the comments left on my articles were positive or negative was not the point. It was the fact that you took the time to read them. I really appreciate all of the time and support that you all have given me.

With the help of the readers and Ernie, I have become a better writer and I owe you all for it.

Although I have learned quite a bit from this experience, I still have a lot to learn. That being said, I have decided to start my own Chargers fan site with the help of the producer from a Chargers show we’ll be doing that is coming soon as well. I will still be a huge fan of BoltBeat and retweet Boltbeat articles via Twitter. Thank you all so much.

And one last time…..

Thanks a lot for reading.