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Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card Giveaway!!

By BoogaP

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, for my next contest giveaway, I will be offering up 2 separate $25.00 gift certificates to your favorite sporting goods store, Dick’s Sporting Goods.

This is a quick and easy way to score yourself some gift cards.  So, how do you win?  It’s simple.  Below I will list some trivia questions.  The first two “contestants” to answer all of the questions correctly, each win a gift card.  To submit your answers, please email me at

The tirvia questions will be NFL related and a couple questions that relate to things about me that have been included in my past articles.

Good luck to everyone involved and the two lucky winners will be announced via Twitter and in the comments section.

Let’s get this giveaway rolling!

1)  In 1997, which Hall of Fame running back, eclipsed the 2,000 yard rushing mark and what team did he top 2,000 yards against?

Hint:  I was at this game.  ( This has been mentioned in a past article)

2)  Who is the NFL’s second place all time receptions leader?

3)  I have a 15 year old cat whose name is the last name of which former Charger great?

4)  In what year did LaDainian Tomlinson break the single season rushing touchdown record and what team did he do so against?

5)  In what sports movie does one of the characters say, ” I’ve seen more organization in a monkey s%*t fight?”

6)  Do I own more or less than 60 Charger jerseys?

7)  And lastly, what is the best store to pick up all of your sporting good needs?

Thanks a lot for all of those who jump in!  Remember to submit your answers by emailing them to