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Chargers vs Broncos: Llaves

By Ernie Padaon


Llaves time!

On offense, the Chargers need to run the football and run it well. Ryan Mathews would be the best option to gain a ton of yards on the ground for the Chargers. Mathews has had great games in his career against Denver and will need another great game in order to keep Peyton off of the field.

Philip Rivers and Ryan will have to protect the football. This is every football game, but especially against a good offense! The Chargers can’t give Peyton any extra possessions. No interceptions. No fumbles. Protect the football!

The offensive line will need to give Philip time to throw. Hopefully Jared Gaither will get onto the field to help the team out, but if Mike Harris is out at left tackle, we may need to give him some help. A lot of help. Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil are some of the best pass rushers in the league. They could make young Harris look foolish at times. Harris will need to have an outstanding game to give the offense some time.

Antonio Gates needs to show up. He gets a lot of attention from the defense, but he needs to make

On defense, the Chargers will have to hit Peyton… and hit Peyton… and hit Peyton. When they hit Peyton, they need to make sure it is legal. When Melvin Ingram gets past the o-line, he can’t hit Peyton in the neck! Maybe he has learned.

Shaun Phillips, Donald Butler, Melvin, Antwan Barnes, Corey Liuget and the rest of the boys need to get after it. Coordinater John Pagano needs to mix things up and try to confuse Peyton. When the defense gets an opportunity for a takeaway, they need to make that big play happen. No wasted opportunities.

The defense has to help Antoine Cason against Demaryius Thomas. Cason has struggled with bigger receivers for the last couple of seasons. Thomas can tear the tea, apart if they let Cason cover him all day.

It is a big game. The team needs to play like their backs are up against the wall. The Chargers need a big time performance! The AFC West is on the line.