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TV-Dinner for Monday Night Football: Chargers – Broncos

By Ernie Padaon

Last weekend I tried out this thing called TV-Dinner for the Sunday Night Game. A few of you all joined in on the fun as well.

I didn’t know what to expect, so I didn’t even know how to present it to you all. Now that I have given it a a little test drive, I think it is AWESOME!

TV-Dinner will be the new official way we “live blog” for Bolt Beat. So, when Monday Night comes around, jump on here for a little TV-Dinner action.

I will give away a free Bolt Beat tee to the person that scores the most points in the TV-Dinner game. You can check out the Bolt Beat tees up top in the shop. The most popular is the “Keep Calm and Bolt Up” tee.Let me explain TV-Dinner from my perspective:

It is a little bit of twitter and tumblr mixed together.

Unlike twitter, everyone will be focused in on talking Chargers, instead of the random people you follow that don’t talk Bolts during the game. You can post pictures and can search for the pics right through the app. You can also add your own caption to all the photos.

I think it will be an awesome thing if we can get a bunch of us in here to just give it a shot. On Monday, it should be up and running early so you can see how it all will work. I will be in there providing my silly commentary.

Oh yea. People that write and get likes on their posts or even get comments will get points for the ‘TV-Dinner game’. That is how we will determine who gets to win the shirt.

The app did need a facebook account to log in. It doesn’t write anything out to your facebook at all, but just needs it for information.

Come in on Monday, give it a try. I think you will all love it.