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NFL VP of Officiating Says Drew Brees was in a ‘defenseless position’

By Ernie Padaon

Apparently Drew Brees was in a ‘defenseless position’ when he was hit by Melvin Ingram!!!!

NFL Vice President of Officiating Carl Johnson narrated a video reviewing a few plays over the weekend. One of the plays was that hit on Drew by Melvin.

You can see that video here:

It might play slow, so I will just write out his explanation:

Remember, when a quarterback is in a defenseless position, or any defenseless player, you cannot be hit with the crown or forehead or hairline part of the helmet to any part of the body. There were some that said this hit was to the shoulder, but it’s still with the crown and this passer is defenseless. It is a foul properly called by the covering official.

Apparently a quarterback becomes ‘defenseless’ as soon as the ball leaves his hands! WHAT THE CRAP!?!?!?!

Honestly, the explanation BY THE VP OF OFFICIATING pisses me off more than the actual call on the field. Maybe Drew Brees or Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers is considered defenseless as soon as they let go of the football!

A $15,750 fine should get a better explanation than that!

I would rather hear their explanation on the holding penalty on Nick Hardwick and the pass interference on Antonio Gates.

Thanks NFL VP of Officiating for determining that Drew Brees is defenseless! We already knew the Saints had no defense, but your boys came in to save them!