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Chargers – Broncos: Fantasy vs. Reality MNF

By Dan Locke

The Chargers have 2 prominent fantasy players on their roster in Philip Rivers and Ryan Mathews.

Let’s compare the weekly fantasy rankings of the “experts” and see if the stats back them up or not. Their rankings can be found here.

So which is right, the Fantasy or the Reality?

Philip Rivers – Ranked overall as the 10th best fantasy QB this week, 8 spots behind Peyton Manning! (cut to all Chargers fans shaking their heads…then cut to Manning being jealous that we can shake our heads without needing neck surgery).

Fantasy says:

  • He’s struggled this year throwing the deep ball. OL concerns have meant Rivers has forced throws, and not had the time to sync up with receivers.
  • Running game has been inconsistent, forcing Rivers to do more.
  • This season only 6.7ypa, ranking 3rd worst in NFL.
  • He has 5 INT’s and 3 fumbles this year.

Reality says:

  • Rivers loves playing against Denver more than the cast of Jersey Shore loves spray-on tans! Rivers is 9-3 career against Denver, with a 20/6 TD-INT ratio.
  • Denver only has 2 INT’s this season ranking 25th in the NFL.
  • Rivers has thrown for 569 yards and completed 69% of passes over last two games.

Winner – Reality. Fantasy experts are a little too low on Rivers. Denver is 0-2 on road this year giving up 28.5ppg. Coaches will make sure OL is fresher, after what happened at end of Saints game. Rivers is 7-3 career on MNF with a 105.2 passer rating.

Ryan Mathews – Ranked overall as the 8th best RB.

Fantasy says:

  • Lots of check downs from Rivers last game, Chargers are finding ways to get Mathews touches.
  • Broncos rush defense giving up 120.2ypg ranking 21st in NFL. Mathews is averaging 5.1ypc this season.
  • Goal line carries may go to Jackie Battle, cutting value.

Reality says:

  • Mathews has torched Denver defense in his career averaging 127.3 yards rushing.
  • He’s averaging 6.1 yards per touch this season. Denver coming off a game where they gave up 251 yards rushing to the Patriots.

Winner – Both. Fantasy experts are right on with ranking Mathews this week and the reality backs them up. Either way you look at it, Mathews is in line for a big game.


Rivers – 20/29, 265 yards, 2 TDs, 0 INT.

Mathews – 22att, 118 yards, 1 TD, 4rec, 32 yards.