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Chargers vs Broncos: Areas of Confidence

By Ernie Padaon

The biggest area of confidence going into the Denver Broncos game is in the Chargers running attack WITH Ryan Mathews. Not with Jackie Battle or Ronnie Brown, WITH Ryan Mathews!

I feel that the team will finally let Ryan off of his leash. He is an explosive player for the offense and has been kept in hiding for the whole season. He has the ability to take over a game and he can make things easier for Philip Rivers and the passing attack. If the Chargers can finally put some trust in Mathews, then the offense will finally get into a groove.

Ryan has saved his best games for the Broncos and he will do it again on Monday in front of the world.

The Broncos run defense has struggled this year. Ryan is licking his chops. He better hold onto the football.

On the offensive line, if Jared Gaither is able to play, that will be huge for the offense. There are a lot of ‘IFS’ on thislist! Gaither is a much more athletic and dominant left tackle than Mike Harris and is much more prepared to handle Von Miller and that Denver defense. He is one of the most important players on the offense.

On defense, we have owned Peyton Manning. OWNED! Of course there is nervousness in facing him, but the Chargers defense has done well and forced him into making bad throws. This year’s version of the Chargers defense knows how to put pressure on quarterbacks also.

Remember the last time we played against Peyton? We hit him over and over again, making him flinch before he even threw the ball.

Stephen Cooper is gone from the defense, but there are still playmakers on the defensive side of the ball. Donald Butler will get his chance to get into the mind of Peyton Manning this time.

Shaun Phillips loves playing against Denver and loves to tell them about it. This time he will get to do it against Peyton. There should be plenty of smack talk flying in this game. He is having a strong season and he should get his hands on Peyton a few times.

Eric Weddle has gotten his hands on a few of Peyton’s passes in his career. He will be looking to do it over and over again.

CONFIDENCE. That is what this Chargers defense has against Peyton! That confidence can carry a defense.