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“You Gotta Punt The Ball! Norv!”

By Ernie Padaon

All Chargers want to yell at Norv Turner for his decisions. We all yell at him through the TV screen or our seats in the stands.

What happens when the starting quartberback, Philip Rivers, yells at him? NOTHING. Norv turns and ignores it.

After Philip Rivers was sacked for an 8 yard loss, the Chargers decided to go for a 55 yard field goal in the 2nd quarter instead of punting the ball away and pinning Drew Brees back. The Chargers missed the field goal, then Philip decided to yell at Norv for not punting the ball away.

No faith in your defense to get the stop? Maybe yell at Norv before he sends out the kicker, instead of yelling at him after he misses the field goal.

Norv ignored Philip and carried on with the game. Maybe Norv should have yelled back at him and said, “Get rid of the stupid football and don’t take that sack, then I wouldn’t have to make that dang decision!” “Who is the effing coach of this team!?!?”

Philip, let the man coach! You asked that the team bring him back and now you have to trust him, even if the decision looks better in hindsight.

What do you all think of Philip yelling at Norv?