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New AFC West Low

By Ernie Padaon


Written By Keenan Rickless

The Chiefs hit a new low this week. Not looking at their record, not looking at the statistics, not even looking at the score at the end of a tough game. Matt Cassel hit the ground and didn’t get back up. When your team is at home and your starting quarterback goes down, a solemn hush falls over the crowd, many bow their heads and pray for the safety of the player, some think of his family, some fans think of the rest of the season in terror, and some cheer and laugh. Can you call yourself a fan when you are HAPPY to see a starter go down? It is one thing to be glad that your second string quarterback won the job, it is another to hope that the starter loses his job because of a possibly life ending injury and not for their game play.

Philip Rivers had an uncharacteristically BAD season last year, he was knee deep in interceptions and for that matter, knee deep in opponents as he got sacked. Had we been so unfortunate that Rivers were to not get back up, I would HOPE we had the class and the humanity to not CHEER. I am disgusted by the behavior of those Chiefs fans and for this fact, they have bumped themselves below Raiders fans in my book.

This off season we found out about “Bounty Gate” and I was disgusted. To think that the Saints were out there TRYING to hurt players was not only immoral and illegal, but it was also a shock. I thought that players had SOME sort of fraternal bond, especially considering the fact that many of them are not on the same team their whole career. This is beside my point, these were players that were incentivized to cause injury, the fans get no reward for their lack of humanity.

For the sake of the player and their family, the least you can do is be concerned about your player.

How dare you call yourself a fan and then cheer for an injury to a player, let alone one of your own.I hope Chiefs fans are embarrassed and disgusted, I know I am.