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Chargers Lose to Saints: Losing their Lightning Bolts

By Ernie Padaon


Yesterday, we shared who earned their lightning bolts. Here are a few people that last their lightning bolts after that performance against the Saints:

Whoever was covering Marques Colston

Which was obviously NOBODY!

Antoine CasonJust line up the best receiver on Cason’s side and watch what he does for the rest of the game. He is a mess! You and I could catch a 40 yard bomb against him! Someone else needs to step up in the secondary to take the starting corner job. Marcus Gilchrist, Shareece Wright, Chris Carr? Someone pleaese stand up.

Melvin IngramMaybe if Drew Brees wasn’t so short, that play would not be a penalty, BUT he is that short and that hit was high. PLUS he led with his helmet with that hit.

That penalty deflated the defense and took a Chargers touchdown off of the board. The Saints marched it back down and put a seven on the board themselves.

Despite the penalty, Ingram finished the game without being on the stat sheet. Tough game for the rookie, but a game he will have to learn from.

Norv TurnerHow are you going to abandon using Ryan Mathews in that game? It was obvious that Ryan could tear up that defense all day long, yet Norx decided to abandon the running game. That was disappointing.

Pile on all the other questionable decisions that Norv had.