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Seeing Peyton Manning Beat Up Makes Me Feel A Little Better

By Ernie Padaon

Chargers fans are sad, frustrated, mad, pissed and all kinds of other expletives.

I know it doesn’t turn your frown upside-down, but it might give you 2 seconds of enjoyment, here are some pics of a beat up Peyton Manning from yesterday’s game.

Now, how will John Pagano game plan to make Peyton Manning look as BEAT as he does in these photos?

The game plan seemed like it was working well against Drew Brees on Sunday Night, but then the guys ran out of gas. The penalty on Melvin Ingram flipped the switch on the momentum and it was all downhill from there.

The defense has been aggressive since Matt Ryan lit them up. They have been forcing turnovers with their play, but they are also getting burned on blown coverages. Dwayne Bowe got us in Kansas City and Devery Henderson got us last night. I don’t think Peyton can make some of the throws that Drew Brees made last night, but he definitely can hit a wide open target down the field.

Fix those blown coverages and keep the foot on the gas. Keep putting pressure on the quarterback, it is the only way we can hide the deficiencies at corner! Beat down Peyton Manning!