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Cris Collinsworth Predicts Last Sack on Philip Rivers

By Ernie Padaon

How in the world does Cris Collinsworth see the field better than any of the coaches that are in the box or any coaches on the field? Jared Gaither was struggling getting out of his stance, with a bad back or cramp in his leg or something, but he was still on the field trying to block for his quarterback.

I have called Jared Gaither lazy plenty of times this season, but those last couple of plays showed me that he has some guts. He kept fighting on the field for his team and quarterback. It was stupid, but gutsy! I have not called him lazy since he started practicing, but he might be on the sideline again with some injury.

That is not good news! Mike Harris was a mess at left tackle in his first stint as the starter and we get to face Von Miller and the Denver defense on Monday Night. That could get UGLY! Hope Big Foot is ready to roll for Monday Night at left tackle.

Anyway, what are the coaches looking at? Why does Cris Collinsworth have a better view than them?