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Chargers Still Don’t Have the Ability to Close

By Ernie Padaon

That stat says it all!!!! Looks like he is gunning for the number 1 spot!

When the game is close and late, just wrap it up and call it DONE! We are going to lose!

Norv Turner is not clutch. He can’t prep the team for a 2-minute offense. He is a master at letting teams hang around a game. Last season, when we started our downfall in the 5th game, Randy McMichael went off on how we let our foot off of the gas! Looks like we took our foot off of the gas again!

Why not run the clock out with Ryan Mathews, who was tearing the Saints defense a new one?

Still, we lost the lead, but we had the ball in our hands for the final possession. Can’t rely on this team to run a good 2-minute drill. Philip takes forever to run a play in a 2 minute offense! Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick! When was the last time he won a game in the final minutes?

Compile that with the refs screwing us on calls and you get the finishing act that we had last night! What a mess!

4-1 record and a nice cushion in the AFC West was there for the taking. So much for that!