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Guess the Starter: Ryan Mathews or Jackie Battle

By Ernie Padaon

the Battle…


Norv Turner will not tell us who the starter will be at running back in New Orleans. I have told you over and over that we should have Ryan Mathews taking that rock from the start of the game, but obviously Norv has other plans.

Jackie Battle has been consistent and will not put the football on the ground. He might only gain a few yards per carry, but he does not fumble and makes Norv feel comfortable and safe. Norv felt that starting the game out with Jackie last week would give the team the best shot at winning. I wonder who he feels gives him the best shot of winning this week?

Norv has already said that we will find out who is the starter of the game until game time, but who do you guess will be the starter?

NOT who do you think SHOULD be the starter…. BUT who WILL be the starter?

Will it be Jackie or Ryan?

Who will be the starter in New Orleans

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