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Chargers at Saints: The Llaves

By Ernie Padaon

Need lots of celebrations from the Chargers on Sunday… Denny Medley-US PRESSWIRE

Time for the keys to keeping the New Orleans Saints winless.

We have to head out to their city and keep that sleeping giant in a deep slumber. Any time you head out to the road, the first thing you need to do is get that crowd to swallow their tongues as soon as possible. The New Orleans crowd will be going nutty trying to cheer their team for a victory, waiting for Drew Brees to break a record. They will even have their head coach sitting in the stands with them. Wouldn’t be surprising to hear a few “Payton” chants break loose.

Take that football on the opening drive and shove it right down the Saints throats. Need to get on the board early with a touchdown. That should quiet the crowd and the seed of doubt that is in the Saints minds will begin to blossom. The Saints defense will wonder if they can stop anyone ever and the whole Saints team will already start thinking about 0-5. Put that first touchdown on the board!

After getting that early score, we need to keep pouring on. Don’t pour on with Nick Novak either! We can’t settle for field goals with Brees on the other sideline. The Saints defense is terrible and the Chargers must put up sevens all game long. Settling for field goals would be a win for the Saint defense. Need TOUCHDOWNS!

We cannot turn the football over. Philip Rivers needs to take care of the football. Ryan Mathews needs to take care of the football. The whole offense needs to take care of that football! Did I mention the Saints defense is terrible!?! We cannot help them out by turning the ball over!

On defense, don’t miss opportunities for a game-changing play. If we can reach Brees with the pressure, we have to get the sack. Don’t let him slither his way out of a sack and make a big play. If someone in the secondary gets their hands on the football, it needs to be aninterception. Can’t have those butterfingers on Sunday. The Saints offense is dangerous. When opportunities come, we need to make that game-changing play.

What do you think the Chargers must do to win the game?