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Chargers at Saints Preview

By ChargerGirl Cindi


Well, here we are.  Rolling into week five number one in the AFC West.  The San Diego Chargers (3-1) are headed to New Orleans to face the the Saints (0-4).  This is going to be a very interesting game to watch.  The Chargers (ranked 9th) are looking like the team to beat, but there is always that chance that they forget they need to play 60 minutes of football.  Not to mention, the Saints (ranked 32nd) are desperate for a win and looking to get it at home during a nationally televised game.  Oh, and don’t forget, Drew Brees is poised to break Johnny Unitas 47 game touchdown record.  A record left untouched for over 50 years.

On offense, the Saints numbers are better than the Chargers in everything except rushing and time of possession.  The one thing that the Chargers are struggling with while Ryan Mathews is recovering and Battle is learning the ropes.  With over 400 total yards of offense per game it’s actually a little surprising the Saints are 0-4.  Until you look at their defense.

The Saints defense is ranked low in all areas.  Last in yards allowed in the air and on the ground.  San Diego’s defense is looking at 17th on the pass and all the way up at 5th on run defense.  I am sure Philip Rivers is glad to see both of these stats for the Saints.  It should be a big yardage game for the Chargers.  The Saints have not seen a defense like the Chargers are putting up right now.  While I think Drew Brees is a nice guy, he is going to finish last.

I am sure I have touted the greatness of our special teams, but they have yet to pull off a return for a TD.  Could this be the week?  Richard Goodman is our #1 kickoff return guy.  He has not had a chance to show his potential yet.  I think an off kilter Saints special teams is going to allow him to bust out.  Hear me Goody?  Bust out!

As long as the Chargers do not go in over confident they will be 4-1 this week.  Boltup!

ChargerGirl Cindi

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