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Join the Bolt Beat Tribe

By Ernie Padaon

I was invited to this site called Kumbuya and thought I would give it a shot. It has a pinterest, tumblr, reddit like feel to it. It allows everyone in a tribe to share photos, vids and links to the rest of the tribe. Thought it would be something worth trying out, so that all Chargers fans could share information. Join our Bolt Beat tribe and start sharing information. it could SUCK or it could be AWESOME. We won’t know unless we try it out!

Here is the email they sent out to me that describes the site a bit:

I wanted to share with you a new social commerce platform from the creators of The Printed Blog. Last week, Kumbuya was launched into an alpha test with the goal of becoming the web’s first fully integrated social commerce platform combining everything we love about social media while enabling business savvy leaders who lead the communities to transact business directly. I know this will be an exciting platform for your blog, Bolt Beat.

The current version of the site is only featuring the social tools, but the business capabilities will be coming shortly (within the next month or so). We have created a new way of engaging a social group of like-minded individuals online through what we have called a Tribe. They are beautiful, themed communities where members can post content, hold discussions, and upload different types of media.

I encourage you to create a Tribe for your blog, your web site, or your business, or create a personal Tribe for your friends and family. It would be great to hear your thoughts and get your feedback. Be as creative as you like – there’s no limit to what you can do or accomplish with Kumbuya.

To make it easy for everyone, you can see at the top of the bolt beat page, right under the bolt beat logo, there is a button that says “Join the Tribe.” Just click in there and peek at what they are working on at kumbuya.

SO JOIN THE TRIBE!!! It will be as fun as you all make it!