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The Chargers Dink and Dunk Offense

By Ernie Padaon

The broken down back, can still make plays in the passing game… Denny Medley-US PRESSWIRE

Have you noticed the shift in the Chargers offense this year? Where is that offense that used to stretch the field? We have now moved to a dink and dunk offense.

Vincent Jackson has been replaced with Robert Meachem to run the deep routes in the offense and he still is not on the same page with Philip Rivers. He has beaten his defender deep a few times, but the two have not been able to connect. Meach is basically playing decoy with the deep routes and opening the field up underneath.

The running backs and tight ends are getting the targets on offense. The top 2 receivers on the team are currently Malcom Floyd and Antonio Gates. Can you guess who the number 3 receiver is?

Ronnie Brown! You know, Ronnie that wasn’t even activated for the game against the Falcons. Ronnie that I have been calling old and beat up.

Three games for Ronnie and he is the number 3 receiver on the roster. Three games for Antonio and he is the number 2 receiver.

That is the new look Chargers offense. Swing passes, screen passes, dumps off to the back and short passes to the tight ends.

Against the Chiefs, we didn’t even try going deep! We threw 16 of 22 passes within 10 yards and only one pass for over 20 yards. That pass was batted down by the Chiefs defense. Meach had the defenders beat deep, but Philip didn’t get the ball out far enough to him.

The chemistry from Philip and Meach is a work in progress. Until they can get on the same page, expect more of the same from the offense. We will just have to dink and dunk that ball all the way down the field for scores.