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Chargers Beat Chiefs: Grading with Gifs

By Ernie Padaon


Time for grades with gifs again. This time I will actually throw in some actual letter grades with the animated gif.


Still waiting for the offense to start clicking. 37 points on the board and the offense still is not clicking? Maybe I am just greedy, but it still feels like there is more that they can do.

The offense had a lot of short fields, thanks to the defense. A good defense generates offense and our defense was great against the Chiefs.

Grade: B


DOMINATION! They set up the offense all game long, giving them short fields. They even put points on the board with Donald Butler scoring a touchdown on an interception. Forcing fumbles and forcing interceptions, those are some impact plays that were missing last season.

Now, we have to face off against the high powered New Orleans Saints offense. Can we make these same type of game changing plays?

Grade: A