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Beat Freak Post: Charles Fumbled Twice, Should He Get Mathews Treatment?

By Ernie Padaon

oopsy Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-US PRESSWIRE

If you have not checked out the Bolt Beat facebook page, go on there and give it some love. There is lots of action on there and people have been getting more and more involved in writing on the bolt beat wall.

I enjoy a lot of the opinions on the wall and will start sharing selected posts from our facebook page to the site. Bolt Beat fans don’t need to get stuck with just my opinion OR Booga OR ChargerGirl Cindi OR Lord of the Gregs OR any of our cast of characters.

Anyway, here is an opinion from Pete Spinning:

So… I know that is their team, and we have ours…. but, after watching Jamaal Charles (arguably the best RB in the league) put the ball on the ground twice in one game.. put #24’s fumble into perspective at all? I know a lot of people are calling for Battle to start, but should KC bench Charles after that, like we did to Mathews? I know the circumstances are different, but I am just curious what folks think after seeing today’s game.

SB Nation has a section called Fan Posts for this type of stuff and we don’t have anything built in like that here yet. If you want your thoughts heard, write on our wall and we will start sharing some of those out.

My comment back to Pete:

Maybe Romeo Crennel should consider benching Jamaal Charles for most of the game next week. He obviously has an issue putting the ball on the ground. Do they have someone that can gain 2 yards per carry, but can get the ball in the end zone? Yea, go ahead and start Peyton Hillis instead.

Also, maybe the GM should go to the public and tell people that Jamaal should get his act together OR he will be somebody else’s fumbler. Sounds like an excellent plan to boost Jamaal’s confidence.

In the end, we won the football game and putting Ryan Mathews at the end of the bench did not hurt in that perspective. We just have to see how Ryan responds to his little punishment.