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THE BOLTDOWN: Charles NOT in Charge!

By theboltdown

Okay, the San Diego Chargers didn’t really dominate Jamaal Chalres, but with his two huge fumbles, he was pretty much contained. In fact, Charles didn’t do squat until the Chargers were ahead 20-0 and that was after a ridiculous red zone turnover by Philip Rivers that may have prevented the Chargers going up by a score of 27-0.

The Chargers did their thing with turnovers. It would be nice to see them continue this trend, but judging by how many turnovers the Chiefs have (they are now minus 13 in the takeaway battle) the Chargers can’t rely on this game as an indicator of their ability to force turnovers.

Still, guys were flying around and making huge plays. Donald Butler was a home run draft pick. AJ Smith needs to get credit for that. Vaughn Martin was another slam dunk. They’ll need to be on their game for the revenge minded Drew Brees and his New Orleans Saints next week.

Did you like the role of Jackie Battle as the starter at running back, with Ryan Mathews as the hammer?

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