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Tomorrow Could Tell Tale for Bolts

By Joey Nicks

Every Charger fan is aware of what lies ahead for San Diego tomorrow. A division battle against a foe that should have been swept last year. Due to a botched snap the Chargers left Kansas City with a loss. I’m not sure if everyone knows how big this game could be tomorrow. Everything could be locked up after four weeks. So that 2-0 start the Chargers had? That will mean nothing.

If San Diego wins tomorrow they will be 3-1, but more importantly they will be 2-0 in the AFC West. While that happens the Chiefs will go 0-1 in the division and fall to a 1-3 record. San Diego will hold sole position of first place and life will be good. The only problem though is Denver hosts Oakland tomorrow. If Denver loses then they could be off to a really bad start. They would be 1-3 in and 0-1 start in the division. If all the cards fall right the Chargers lose (Chiefs win) and Denver wins (Oakland loses) that great 2-0 start will be gone. Everyone will be 2-2 except the Raiders. Then all three teams who have been picked to win the AFC West will be 2-2. The more room the Chargers can buy, the better.

So what would be the best case scenario for the Bolts tomorrow? A win. It is still young in the season, but this will give the Bolts control of the AFC West for now. If the Chargers win the next 3 weeks the division might be decided as soon as our by week. Although, nothing is normal in the Wild West.


-Joey Nicks