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Chargers at Chiefs: In Enemy Territory

By Ernie Padaon

“That dude seems to have a Matt Cassel pass magnet hidden under his clothes”

Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE

Caught up with Patrick Allen from Arrowhead Addict to get a little insight on what is happening in Kansas City. Here are some of his thoughts:

1. Where do you see the biggest weakness for the Chiefs is? Is sit still Matt Cassel?

Yeah it is Cassel. The team is pretty strong. You can always use more depth but Cassel just isn’t a difference-maker and he plays the most important position on the field. He is still the best QB on the team and he is by no means terrible but it is clear he isn’t going to get any better. Regardless of what happens this season, it is time for the Chiefs to get serious about moving on.

2. How are fans feeling about the team after week 3?

They feel a bit better but not totally confident. It was nice to see the team to show some fight but after the first two games, fans will need to see a little more proof before they start believing this team can turn things around.

3. Who on the Chargers do you worry about the most?

I would say Rivers but I think his play has been up and down over the last couple of years, especially when playing the Chiefs. He can shred us or Romeo can put some things out there that frustrate him.

I have to go with Weddle though. That dude seems to have a Matt Cassel pass magnet hidden under his clothes.

4. How do you feel the Chiefs can beat the Chargers?

They need to stay committed to the run, limit turnovers and get pressure on Rivers. Sounds generic but this team doesn’t have the QB to come storming back from 18 down every week. If they take care of the ball they should have a shot.

5. Did you ever have any issues with Jared Gaither in KC? Think of him as lazy?

Nope. They barely ever played him. We had the worst right tackle in football in Barry Richardson and they had Gaither sitting on the bench. Then they released him mid-season! Morons. Keeping him and actually using him could have won the Chiefs the division last year. I wouldn’t have wanted him long-term I guess, with his injury issues, but when he is in there the dude can play.