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STOP THE PRESSES: San Diego Chargers LT Jared Gaither is practicing

By Ernie Padaon

Big Foot Sighting. Courtesy of Marty Caswell

If I knew that apology letter would help Gaither get out on the field, I would have wrote it a while back! Now, I just have to remember where the heck I placed those remotes!

The world must be crashing down because Jared Gaither is out on the practice field. No, he is not mowing the lawn. He is actually PRACTICING!!! Practicing football!

I want to celebrate! It feels like New Years!

The offense is WORLD’S BETTER with a real left tackle holding it down. I am tired of the replacement refs and the replacement left tackle for the Chargers. Mike Harris still has a lot to learn.

That must mean that Jared is 100%, because he was not going to get back on the field until that point.

Now, will we see Jared in time to face his former team, the Kansas City Chiefs? That might be asking way too much. He has been on the practice field twice this season and one time he had to leave with a “full body cramp” and the other time he never returned because of back spasms. Let’s just see if he is back on the practice field TOMORROW!

A Big L…. Big Foot sighting at Chargers park. Good News! I never thought I would be so happy to see a 6’9″, 340 pound dude.