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NFL, referees agree on deal. Will be back for Thursday game

By Ernie Padaon

What a day!!!

Jared Gaither stepped back on the practice field for the first time in forever. Malcom Floyd signs an extension to stay with the Chargers for 3 more years. Now, the NFL and the referees have agreed to a deal that will being them all back. I would put a link, but there is no link at this point on, there is just a banner at the top that reads “NFL, REFEREES REACH AGREEMENT“.

They will be back just in time for the game against the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns on Thursday. We can go back to complaining about the old refs again and these replacements can go back to their jobs at Foot Locker.

Just keep Ed Hochuli away from the Chargers games and we should be good. How much complaining will we have for the regular refs? Probably still a lot, but at least we know that these guys are being taken care of.

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