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Falcons Beat Chargers: Earning Their Lightning Bolts

By Ernie Padaon


There were people that actually earned lightning bolts from this game? It was miserable to watch, but there were some positives from the game. SOME!

The fans that paid to watchFans that endured that game, get a big HIGH FIVE for sitting through that misery. Any time we felt that something good would happen, we would end up giving the ball away. It was UGLY and fans sat through the debacle.

Can’t really say that these guys earned their lightning bolts, but here are a few positives from the game.

Robert MeachemHe didn’t make any big grabs down the field, but Philip Rivers and Meachem were able to connect 4 times in the game. They still are working on things, but this is a step in the right direction for the pair.

Ryan MathewsYES HE HAD A HUGE FUMBLE!!!! He also missed some blocks in pass coverage. This is also his first game action since taking 2 snaps to start the preseason off.

When Ryan had the ball and wasn’t putting it on the ground, he was chewing up yards. There wasn’t always a lot of room, but he was moving the chains. With a bigger workload coming, he looksl ike he can carry the rushing game and make the offensive line look better than they are.

The concerns of health and fumbles are still there though. He took some licks in the game and still kept rolling.

Richard GoodmanHe will bring back a kick return for a score soon. His blocking up front is great on kick returns and he seems like he is one cut from breaking one off for a score. It will happen and soon.