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Falcons Beat Chargers: Dishonorable Dis-Charge

By Ernie Padaon


What didn’t go wrong with this game? We could make a whole laundry list for the team here, but we will just point out the most glaring deficiencies in the game.

The DefenseAllowing a 96-yard drive after the Ryan Mathews fumble took all the air out of the sails. There was no pass rush the whole game. Coach Pagano seemed content with sending four after Ryan and got burned over and over again.

The defense could cause a grown man to cry. We couldn’t get off the field on 3rd down and it had shades of last season’s defense. Time to take out the frustration on Matt Cassel and the Chiefs.

Offensive LinePhilip was only sacked once in the game, but that is more credit to him getting rid of the ball before he took a sack. Maybe he should have taken a sack instead of tossing a ball for a turnover, but he was rushed all game long.

Mike Harris looked like a turnstile out at left tackle allowing John Abraham to abuse him the whole game.

Ryan MathewsI applauded his running ability, but DANG, HOLD ONTO THE FRICKIN FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!

The game would have taken a whole different turn if we were able to get the ball in the end zone on that drive. We would have been leading 7-6 and the momentum would have been on our side.


Philip RiversPlaying from behind and trying to play Super Hero didn’t work out too well. Maybe if he was able to get some time to throw the football, but it was a game full of poor decisions.

Maybe if his receivers could have helped out by making some plays also. There were a few dropped passes from Antonio Gates and Malcom Floyd in the game. Uncharacteristic play all around.