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Fantasy Football: Antonio Gates Owners Should Be Cautious

By Ernie Padaon


Fantasy football fans need to be cautious with San Diego Chargers TE Antonio Gates. He is a stud when he is on the field, but he has to get on the field. He is a warrior that has struggled to stay out on the field for the last few seasons. He has already missed one week and now there is a possibility that the Chargers could limit his snaps.

Against the Titans, Gates sat on the sideline while Dante Rosario stepped up with a monster game. Rosario scored three touchdowns and showed that he can be used more often in the offense. Rosario bought himself some playing time and can be used in order to give Gates a breather.

The Chargers want to keep Gates healthy for the rest of the season. They also want to keep him fresh for a possible playoff run. They may have to cut down on some of his playing time in order to do this.

Besides Dante Rosario, the Chargers also have Randy McMichael and Ladarius Green available. There are plenty of options at tight end for Norv to use. Antonio Gates is still the best of the bunch, but the other guys on the roster are capable of causing damage as well. Antonio Gates owners should just be cautious with him. He could be limited in his playing time.

After saying all that, he still is Philip’s favorite target and still should be highly productive in the red zone. Hopefully he stays relatively healthy for the rest of the season for fantasy owners and San Diego Chargers fans.