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Chargers vs Falcons: Why The Chargers Will Lose

By Ernie Padaon

Time for you all to get pissed at me once again… and by all, I dont mean Pops and Arnie. This is their favorite article. Let’s look at some areas of concern for the Chargers in this game against the Atlanta Falcons. Just in case you missed it, here are the reasons Why The Chargers Will Win.

Tony Gonzalez

Entering his 88th year in the league, Chargers fans know all about Tony Gonzlez from his days in Kansas City. He has 22 career games against the Chargers and has a 12-10 record playing against us. 1353 total yards and 9 touchdowns in his career against the Bolts. He knows us very well

The Chargers have a history of struggling against tight ends. This is a different season with better personnel and different coaching, so maybe we can change things around in that department. If we don’t, Gonzo could have a field day.

Can’t put too much focus on Gonzo though, Julio Jones and Roddy White will tear us apart if we do. There are a lot of offensice weapons for these Atlanta Falcons.

Speaking of Julio Jones…

Julio Jones is one of the elite receivers in the league and he lines up opposite of another elite receiver, Roddy White. Quentin Jammer can’t cover both of them! Antoine Cason would has to cover one of them and that will most likely be Julio.

Cason needs to step his game up to the competition. We will need him to play big on Sunday! BIG!

Mike Harris

After playing well in his first week as a pro, he struggled in week 2 with a couple of holding penalties and allowed TEN hurries on Philip Rivers. It is going to be a roller coaster ride with Harris out at left tackle this season. Consider the Titans game a down performance from him.

Titans Kamerion Wimbley is a much better pass rusher than anyone on the Falcons roster though, so we should expect a better performance from Harris. If Harris struggles again, expect more short passes to the tight ends and running back.

The Turnover Monster

Peyton Manning threw 3 picks against this defense on Monday Night. I don’t want to bring us back to last season, or even the preseason, but Philip Rivers needs to stay away from the turnover monster.

What are your areas of concern in this game?