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Week 3 Pick’Em

By Ernie Padaon

Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE

It is Thursday and that means that their is football on the tele again! It also means that it is time to submit your picks again for the pick’em.

I never like to brag, but check out who is sitting on top of our Bolt Beat group once again? This time, on top all by myself with 12 picks correct.

Good to see that nobody went against our Chargers this time around. Will someone select the Falcons this week in the Pick’em?

Join our group on ESPN and see how you rank up against other Bolt Beat readers and writers.

Here are my picks for the week:

It starts tonight with the Panthers vs the Giants. Pretty sure most people will pick the Giants on this one, but I will go against the grain and select the Cam to pull this game out.

Make your picks and knock me off the top. If I am right with my picks, we will get a 2 game lead in the AFC West. THAT WOULD BE EPIC!