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Download the New FanSided App For iPhone, iPad

By Ernie Padaon

Bolt Beat has an app on the iPhone, but it was made when dinosaurs were trolling the land. Now we have an app for the iPhone and iPad that can get you all the Bolt Beat content you need! This app will allow you to get all the info from Bolt Beat AND you can also select other blogs around the FanSided network.

If you want some Padres information, you would be able to add in our FanSided site Chicken Friars on there also. If you are one of those Chargers fans that have multiple football teams, then you are insane, but you can also select those blogs and put it as part of your subscriptions as well.

You will also be able to comment through the app also. So while you are taking a morning dump, reading the morning dump, you would be able to add your extra commentary. Have I ever told you that writers LOVE comments? Even if it a simple ‘BOOM!’


Here are my FIVE favorite FanSided sites that you can subscribe to on there:BOLT BEATBolt BeatBOLT BEATBolt Beatand…. you get the picture

In all seriousness, you can check out Chicken Friars for Padres information. NFL Spin Zone for NFL News and for all the latest in sports.

You would be able to sneak a peek at the week’s opponents with the app as well. Check in on those Falcons and what they are saying about the team on Blogging Dirty.

Get it, Love it, Rate it 5 stars!