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Will The Chargers Use Jackie Battle as the New Mike Tolbert?

By Ernie Padaon

Get off me son! Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

Will Norv Use Jackie Battle as the New Mike Tolbert?

Jackie Battle impressed against the Titans by bulling defenders over. He has a nose for the end zone and runs hard. He jumped over the pile for his first score and then submarined to find the end zone another time. He has some qualities that could remind us of Mike Tolbert.

To answer the question though… NO, the Chargers should not use Jackie Battle like they used Mike Tolbert. Tolbert came in on third downs and during goal line situations. Tolbert also was a capable of carrying the load with Ryan Mathews was sidelined. Tolbert has better hands and is more shifty. Plus Tolbert knew how to dance! Jackie Battle should not be used in any of those capacities when Ryan Mathews returns.

In the end, there were things that I hated about Mike Tolbert. The main thing I hated was that he took carries away from Ryan Mathews near the goal line. Tolbert never had the speed to break runs off to the outside and he would get stuffed too in the middle of the pile. There were multiple occasions where I felt that Ryan would have been able to make the play that Tolbert didn’t.

The ball needs to go to Ryan Mathews all the time when he returns! Unless we have a huge lead, Mathews is the guy that needs to carry the load. He has the speed to get outside and the power to run inside. Mathews is the workhorse and the rest of the guys are just there to get him a breather. Jackie Battle can do the hard running, Curtis Brinkley can add a little shake in there, and Ronnie Brown can keep his seat warm on the bench. Ryan Mathews, ALL DAY…. till he gets hurt again!

What role do you want to see Jackie Battle in?