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Chargers Beat Titans: What We Learned

By Ernie Padaon

Sep 16, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker (10) is pressure as he throws by San Diego Chargers defensive end Kendall Reyes (left) as inside linebacker Donald Butler (56) attempts to knock the pass down during the second quarter at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE

Here are a few things that we could have learned from our performance against the Titans:

The Chargers can beat down a bad teamWe normally let teams hang around, but this time we kept pouring it on and beat down the Tennessee Titans. That was sure nice to see. The game never felt in doubt and fans were allowed to get out of the blaring sun early!

Jake Locker is TERRIBLEAND he is not a rookie, even though I called him a rookie all week. Consider his play, ROOKIE like!

Chris Johnson Should NOT be owned in any fantasy leaguesIf you own him, then you probably are sitting with an 0-2 record. It’s terrible!!! You can’t put him on your bench, because you spent a high pick on him and then you also fear that he will go nuts. BUT now you just feel like he is going to give you nothing! Just drop him! I was lucky enough to sell him for Marshawn Lynch already! WIN FOR ME!

Richard Goodman is a tripIf he didn’t trip on that kickoff return, we could have seen another fade away jumper celebration out of Goody! The hole opened up for him and he probably was planning his celebration already, then the grass monster gobbled him up!

Ladarius Green knows what to do when he has the ballWe haven’t seen the kid do much, but he did take one screen pass that he took for 31 yards. Once ge gets that ball, he knows what to do with it. Showing potential for our future.

Atari Bigby’s favorite candy bar is ButterfingerThis time the interception was wrapped in a bow for Bigby and he could not bring it down. Remember when Eric Weddle used to have this issue? Someone please get this fixed.

Anything else you guys learned from that game?