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Chris Carr has Great Workout w/ Chargers, But Heading Back To Airport

By Ernie Padaon

Chris Carr apparently had a great workout for the Chargers, but is headed back the airport. He won’t be signing with the Chargers this week, but could be a consideration later.

Cornerback Chris Carr had a “great” workout with Chargers — and is on his way to the airport. Won’t be signed this week. Possibly later.

— UTKevinAcee (@UTKevinAcee) September 18, 2012

So, we have three healthy corners on the roster and we let someone with a great workout walk? Are we going to just bring Greg Gatson back up this week or use Atari Bigby as the nickel back?

Let’s wait to see what A.J. has up his sleeve for this week in the secondary.