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Chargers Beat Titans: Grading The Bolts With Animated Gifs

By Ernie Padaon


Letter grades are for schools and for newspapers! Everyone else and their mamas will be doing the letter grades. We will be grading the Chargers each week with animated gifs instead.

OffenseIt was awesome to see the team step up without Ryan Mathews, Antonio Gates and Jared Gaither available for the game. Jackie Battle took advantage of a beaten Titan defense in the 4th quarter, making our ground game look watchable for a bit. Nobody covered Dante Rosario and he found the end zone 3 times.

38 points on the scoreboard and a dominating performance controlling the ball for 43 minutes of the game. Good day for the Chargers offense.


The Titans call that an offense? That was a big joke! Jake Locker is TERRIBLE and Chris Johnson is just as bad. At least CJ has a pocket full of cash money. Locker couldn’t complete passes 5 yards down the field.

Eric Weddle has the team’s only takeaway and the defense limited the Titans to nine first downs. The Chargers stopped them on third down 8-of-9 times. The defense put in another strong performance.

Special Teams

The special teams were not as impressive as the previous week. They didn’t have the help of a crappy Oakland Raiders long snapper this time around.

They allowed a 71 yard return on a kickoff and Richard Goodman was tackled by the ground on a kick return that could have gone a long way.

Not terrible, not awesome. Just alright.