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Chargers Beat Titans: Earning Their Lightning Bolts

By Ernie Padaon


The San Diego Chargers destroyed the Tennessee Titans, so there should be a ton of people earning their lightning bolts. Here are a few standouts from the game:

Dante RosarioNot a bad day for the third tight end on the roster. Three touchdowns catches for the sub. We definitely need to get him action in the red zone, even when Antonio Gates returns to the lineup. He knows how get open in the end zone!

Jackie BattleJumping over the pile or going under, Jackie Battle knows how to get the yards needed to score a touchdown. Could he be the new Mike Tolbert for the offense? I was expecting a dance from him after he found the end zone, but he didn’t give me a shimmy.

Chargers DefenseNO SACKS, no problem. The Titans offense looks terrible, but the Chargers defense is pretty good also. The Chargers may not have had any sacks, but they were able to pressure Jake Locker. They were able to force poor passes with their pressure.

The Chargers defense should get a big test this weekend agains the Falcons. They held up against the Titans on Sunday.

Norv TurnerWHAT!?!?!?! Did I really give Coach Turner some credit?

Let’s give coach some credit for blowing out a team that he was supposed to blow out. He did his job that was supposed to be done and that is something that we don’t usually see from Norv.

He has adjusted his gameplan on offense based on his personnel. Antonio Gates and Ryan Mathews were both sidelined, but we still put up 38 points in the game.

His passing attack featured more dumpoffs to the backs and tight ends with screen plays and swing passes.

Who impressed you this weekend?