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Chargers 38 – Titans 10: Jackie Battle and Dante Rosario Carry the Team

By Ernie Padaon

Just leaving the game… what an awesome win. Will update post later with thoughts on the game. Share your thoughts here… 2-0!!!

UPDATE (8:28pm)

How many people started Dante Rosario in their fantasy leagues? I didn’t and I was the guy that was stuck starting Antonio Gates in their leagues. Norv Turner has been a lot more secretive with his injury reports than normal this year. Normally players with a ‘Q’ next to their name on the injury report was pretty close to going in Norv’s book. Not this year! That depth that AJ brought in at tight end paid off this week.

How about Jackie Battle stepping up and showing that he should be the main backup? He knows how to get in the end zone by the goal line and I wouldn’t doubt that he takes that Mike Tolbert role this year. 2 touchdowns and 60+ yards on the ground and I bet nobody started him in their fantasy league also.

How many times can Philip Rivers fumble the football and not lose it? Today it was two times. Philip did force a pass and got it picked off. Have to make a smarter decision on that play.

Malcom Floyd was running open all game long. Too bad he got his touchdown taken away.

How did we end up without any sacks? I felt that we were there multiple times, but could not bring Jake Locker down.

How bad is Jake Locker too? He could not complete some simple passes.

The Titans only carried the ball ten times and Chris Johnson was held under 20 yards. He is a mess.

Is it weird that are top tackler had only 4 tackles?

Thanks to StubHub for some plaza tickets at $20 a piece available a couple of hours before the game. That was epic!