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Chargers vs Titans: Sharing Secrets w/ The Enemy

By Ernie Padaon


How do you think Jammer will do covering our receivers in light of his broken hand?

He should be fine. He can’t catch the football anyway! Now he will have a weapon on his hand to jab into the side of Kenny Britt and your receivers. Sounds like a win-win situation for us.

What must the Titans do to stop down Philip Rivers?

Just be patient with him and don’t let him get the long bomb. He will lose his patience after a while and try to force a pass to a spot that he has no business being in. You better take advantage and pick that ball off though.

Will we see Ryan Matthews this week? If so, how effective will he be?

Yes.. you will see him on the sideline on a t-shirt and on the TV screen multiple times as the announcers are saying “the Chargers running game would look a lot better with this guy in the lineup.” He still has not been cleared for contact and his first game will likely be next week against Atlanta.

Who will emerge as a leader on defense for the Chargers this year?

The vocal leader on the defense is Takeo Spikes. He has been playing since they invented the game and knows everything about everything, except for the playoffs. Eric Weddle is the playmaker on the defense, but nobody knows his name despite being named to the All-Pro team. Melvin Ingram is the future of this defense. He doesn’t start yet, but that will change sooner than later.

Will Norv ever be fired?

NEVER! You don’t fire a Super Bowl winning coach! He is a roach that just won’t die! I don’t see him getting fired at the end of this season, unless we do absolutely AWFUL. A mediocre season probably keeps his job.