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Chargers vs Titans: Chargers on Offense

By Ernie Padaon

Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Here are a couple of keys for the Chargers offense in the match-up against the Tennessee Titans: 

Open Up The Flood GatesGet Antonio Gates the ball, even if he does have ‘BBQ’d ribs’! The Titans will be without their top linebacker, Colin McCarthy, for the game and we need to take advantage. Gates should find some open spots on the field as he always does and Rivers will need to feed the beast. Keep feeding him until they find a way to stop it.

Keep It DilferPhilip Rivers doesn’t need to be a hero in this game. He can keep the cape in the phonebooth for another game. Just manage the game and take what the Titans defense gives him. Keep the mistakes low and find a way to win. No TURNOVERS! We can’t afford to give a team like this extra chances to score.

Find That Running GameOlly olly oxen free. Come out, come out wherever you are!!!! Maybe Ryan Mathews makes a return this week to give the ground game a little bit of a boost, but the offensive line still has to open some holes for him. If Ryan’s not back, then Curtis Brinkley and Ronnie Brown need to find a way to get something rolling. The Patriots destroyed the Titan defense on the ground, gaining 162 yards against them. An average under 2 yards is UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

Kamerion WimbleyThanks goodness Brandyn Dombrowski won’t be lining up at left tackle in this game. He probably still has nightmares of that Wimbley dip move form last season. Wimbley kicked our butts last season, racking up 4 sacks in one game. The Biga Lazy stuffed him in the final game of the year last season, but we all know where Gaither is OR isn’t. This time it will be up to Mike Harris to slow down Wimbley.

SEVENS not THREES!When the defense and special teams gets the offense favorable locations on the field, we need to reward them with 7s on the scoreboard and not 3s. It is great to see Nate Kaeding is back to his old form, but I would rather see him trot out for the extra points instead.

What else do you want to see from the offense in this game?