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Bolt Beat Turns Two

By Ernie Padaon

The site has been around for longer than 2 years, but exactly dos years ago today, I took over Bolt Beat. So we will just consider that the day Bolt Beat was born. One day, I will hang up this keyboard and it will have a whole new birthday that it can celebrate.

TWO YEARS! That’s longer than Bob Sanders lasted in a Chargers uniform! For two years I have been writing here and have not seen the playoffs ONCE!!! Takeo Spikes, I feel ya! Whatever sickness Takeo has, I think I caught it. Who wants to talk about the playoffs anyway?!?!

I guess I should give out thank you’s out to people. Thanks to my wife for allowing me sit on the computer for hours and hours writing about the San Diego Chargers. I just thought about it and it sounds ridiculous what I do, but she allows me to do it. I don’t get paid like Kevin Acee to put this together, it’s a BLOG, but she still rolls with it!

Thanks definitely go out to all of YOU! It must be the digital cocaine I put in the posts that keeps you coming back for more. I don’t know what else it could be, but I really, really, really appreciate the little community we have here. We talk smack back and forth every now and then, but we all share that passion for our Chargers!

Bolt Beat is now in it’s “terrible twos” and we are going to rip shtuff up! We better make the playoffs!