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Interesting Stat on San Diego Chargers WR Robert Meachem

By Ernie Padaon

Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

ESPN Fanasy Football Guru Matthew Berry, also known as the Talented Mr. Roto, dropped a very interesting stat on San Diego Chargers WR Robert Meachem. Check out what he said in his latest Lave/Hate article for week 1:

Robert Meachem, Saints: Among my favorite stats that I never got to use that much in the preseason was this one: Last year, Robert Meachem had two red zone targets. Two. Think about that: The Saints had 94 red zone targets last season. They threw for over 5,300 yards, had 46 touchdowns, and Robert Meachem had two red zone targets. Among other Saints with two red zone targets? Jed Collins and John Gilmore. Yes, they spread it around, yes, there’s a lot of talent on the Saints, but you’re telling me if Meachem was open he wasn’t getting the ball thrown his way? At least more than twice? Maybe Drew Brees hated him. Maybe there were just too many hands and only the one ball. Or maybe, just maybe, Robert Meachem isn’t very good. Which gets my vote until proven otherwise. – Matthew Berrry

Forget the part where Berry listed Meachem as a New Orleans Saint and look at the stat of TWO red zone targets with the New Orleans Saints!! JUST TWO! He wasn’t the main target in New Orleans and Drew Brees looked Jimmy Graham’s way in the red zone, but only TWO red zone targets seems ridiculously low.

Meachem is going to be the deep threat in our offense and his scores will come on 50 yard bombs that Philip Rivers doesn’t under throw. With Meachem’s poor preseason, we have to wonder if he just isn’t very good.

In the red zone, we have targets that we can use. Antonio Gates will always be a big red zone threat and Malcom Floyd is another big target that can be used. Ryan Mathews and LeRon McClain will be threats out of the backfield also. Meachem may not be much of a threat in the red zone, but he better be a threat deep down the field.

What do you think of that Robert Meachem stat?