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Baltimore Ravens LT Bryant McKinnie Restructures Contract… So Much For That Idea

By Ernie Padaon

Oct 2, 2011; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens tackle Bryant McKinnie (78) prior to the game against the New York Jets at M

UPDATE: Bryant McKinnie worked out a deal with the Baltimore Ravens. So much for that idea!

The left tackle issues in San Diego have been a big story since the beginning of training camp. LT Jared Gaither signed a big money contract to be the starting left tackle and he has been “injured” since the first day of camp. He went down the first day of camp with a “full body cramp” and then has missed practice with “back issues”.

Gaither is already expected to miss the first game of the season with his “injury” and now we are turning to an undrafted rookie free agent to start on Philip Rivers’ blind side. There is a serious need for an upgrade and depth at the position.

Today, Baltimore Ravens LT Bryant McKinnie tweeted this:

Decision is made! I’m gone!

— Bryant Mckinnie (@BryantMckinnie) September 4, 2012

Does that mean that he is going to go get some lunch? McKinnie is in a contract negotiation with the Baltimore Ravens and could be released if they don’t settle on a contract. McKinnie has been texting back and forth with reporters giving them a play-by-play of his negotiations with the Ravens and there still is no official word on any move that has happened.

He already is playing with my emotions like Jared Gaither has done to all of us Chargers fans!

Will the Chargers make a phone call out to the McKinnie camp if he is released? He comes with some baggage, but we need a left tackle in a bad way. We like to pickup the Baltimore leftovers and this is another guy that we might consider picking up.

We will keep an eye on the McKinnie situation and keep you updated here.

Should the Chargers reach out to the McKinnie camp?