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Chargers vs Vikings: What We Learned

By Ernie Padaon

Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

Robert Meachem will not let us forget about Vincent JacksonMeachem wasn’t supposed to fill the shoes of Vincent Jackson, but he was supposed to be one of the contributors in filling that hole. This is his opportunity to be a starter in the NFL and he seems to be stuck in neutral.

Melvin Ingram is one tough son of a gunNot that we didn’t think this before, but a little affirmation about it is always good. He went down with an injury that would have Ryan Mathews or Jared Gaither sidelined forever, but he says he will be ready to go for the opener. He also beat up on Christian Ponder and a poor little punt returner that forgot to waive for a fair catch.

This defense will force turnoversJohn Pagano has his team hitting hard and making things happen. We will get after the quarterback and make the opposing team force things to happen. We will hit hard and force fumbles. We will get extra possessions for Philip Rivers.

Norv Turner has the ability to make a good decisionNorv kept Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates away from harm by sitting them for the game. Charlie Whitehurst took the beating for Philip.