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San Diego can Keep Eyes in Seattle

By Joey Nicks

Some may be asking themselves why is this article being devoted to the Seahawks? It isn’t it’s being devoted to Russell Wilson. For those who don’t know Russell Wilson’s father, Harrison Wilson, tried out for the San Diego Chargers. He was the last person to be cut from the team, was diagnosed with diabetes, and died at 55.

While Coryell regretted cutting Harrison, he got diagnosed with diabetes and had a stroke. While Harrison could only see a handful of games live. Russell Wilson was a multi sport athlete in N.C. State, while playing baseball as well, Russell Wilson was drafted by the Rockies on June 8, 2010. Russell rushed home to tell his father the good news but as he got there on June 9, 2010 Harrison had already passed. Inspired by his fathers dreams, he returned to football. He went the distance with Wisconsin. How you ask? He now stands on the brink of his fathers dream, to be a starter in the NFL.

I have always been one to say once you wear a bolt, your a bolt for life. While Harrison may not have made the final cut he wore a bolt. Russell Wilson now… has a chance to start over Matt Flynn. Wilson appears to be a great kid and why not root for the great kid. Ever since I heard his story I started rooting for him as a Badger. You can’t help but root for him as a Seahawk. The Charger family is something that no one can understand unless you are a part of it. We push for each other harder, we drive for each other more, and we root for each other greater then anyone else!

So Philip Rivers sits tonight along with Gates. As thankful as we are for that gift due to the fact that we are dropping like flies, keep and eye on Russell Wilson. Don’t be afraid to root for a former Chargers son. Even though he doesn’t play for us, his father once graced the bolt, that gives me more then enough reason to root for him! Remember, BOLT UP!

-Joey Nicks