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What will the Chargers do about Ryan Mathews?

By rrrivers


As we know by now Ryan Mathews will be out 4-6 weeks with a broken clavicle. That leaves us with a big hole in the roster at least until week 2. Assuming we keep Jackie Battle, Ronnie Brown, and Curtis Brinkley, is there another back that could be signed or even traded for? Looking at free agency currently there are two backs I’d like to sign; Ryan Grant and Joseph Addai. I’ve wanted Ryan Grant since he hit free agency, he reminds a little bit of Ryan Mathews and his younger than Ronnie Brown. He has shown some speed and I think in the right place (notGreen Bay) could be a solid back. Joseph Addai had some nice years in Indy and was signed by the Patriots about two months ago. He was later cut because he wasn’t showing effort. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want a guy who won’t put the effort in but, he’s still one of the better players on the market. I wouldn’t mind getting either of these players or trading for another team’s backup running back to become our starter at least until Mathews can come back. Let me know your opinions on what we should do to replace that big hole in our starting lineup. Thanks for reading.