LA Chargers News

Morning Dump

By Ernie Padaon

Shannon Eastin will become the first woman to be part of an NFL officiating crew when the Chargers host the Packers this Thursday night. Chargers’ players reacted with enthusiasm as they heard the news.

The Chargers returned to practice on Monday after taking Sunday off. The special teams had a walk-thru in the morning, while the afternoon’s full team practice was crisp and had plenty of action.

Nothing demands change more than missing the playoffs and the Chargers have failed to reach the postseason for two consecutive years (2010, 8-8, 2011, 9-7). With 18 new veteran free agent faces in camp, several returning veterans are fighting as hard for a roster spot as the undrafted free agents.

Should one get a chance to spend time with him — and those who work closest to him — the reputation quickly proves true.

The whole world ran to Melvin Ingram’s left during a pass play at Monday’s practice.