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4 Chargers Players On The Roster Bubble

By joshlf08

Larry English: English is very much on the roster bubble this year. One of the main reasons English is on the bubble is because of his constant injuries. He can’t seem to stay healthy for a long amount of time. With a lot of talent at linebacker English may have a tough time making the team.

Darrell Stuckey: Darrell Stuckey has been with the Chargers for awhile now and he can’t seem to make an impact on the team. Stuckey is on the roster bubble because the Chargers may not need him because of adding Atari Bigby and Brandon Taylor. Darrell Stuckey needs to really make the coaches notice him in order to make the team.

Edwin Baker: Edwin Baker was the Chargers 7th round pick this year. Baker is on the roster bubble because the Chargers have added many backs in the offseason. With Mathews,Brown,Battle,Brinkley, and McClain also looking to get carries. Baker is really going to have to step up in order to make the team because the odds do not look very good for him.

Micheal Spurlock: Micheal Spurlock was added in the offseason to provide depth at wide receiver and kick/punt returning. The problem is the Chargers are not going to need him for depth anymore. The already have Royal,Parrish, and Goodman. But Spurlock may be able to beat out Parrish or Goodman but both of them have been doing well at OTAs and Training Camp. Spurlock is very much on the roster bubble and is going to have a hard time finding a place on the team.