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Top 5 Chargers To Watch Out For

By joshlf08

1 Vincent Brown: Brown has amazing talent overall. He has shown his outstanding playmaking ability last season. This year Brown should have a bigger role in the offense and catch more balls. Should Brown be able to stay healthy and get some time on the field he should be someone to watchout for next season.

2 Shaun Phillip: Phillips is a great linebacker for the Chargers. He was injured throughout last season and did not match the over 10 sacks he did prior to last season. Phillips is coming back strong and if he can stay healthy and get playing time he should be able to get back to that over 10 sack form he was in the 2010 season and is someone to watch out for next season.

3 Brandon Taylor: Taylor was drafted by the Chargers in the third round. Taylor is someone to look out for because he has a chance at being a starter at safety. If he starts and stays healthy he should be somone to look out for this next season. Taylor will also show some leadership like he did at LSU.

4 Jarret Johnson: Johnson is someone to watch out for. Chargers signed him in March. Johnson is not going to be a 10 sack guy but what makes him someone to look out for is his leadership. Johnson is going to see some time on the field, and he will show that he can tackle, make plays, and leadership. He is someone to look out for this season.

5 Eddie Royal: Eddie Royal is someone to look out for because of his talent and what he can do with it at different position. Royal was signed by the Chargers in Mid March. Royal can not only catch he can also return Punts and Kicks. Royal had a great rookie year but since then he has not had the best QB. Rivers will be able to get the ball in Royal’s hands if he is healthy and gets playing time. But regardless he is someone to watch out for