LA Chargers News

Morning Dump

By Ernie Padaon

Patrick Allen’s story on the Chargers emailing him and encouraging him to buy tickets to the Chiefs-Chargers game in San Diego this season has been making the rounds this week, all the way to the Chargers owner, A.G. Spanos.

The Brooklyn, N.Y. resident has been hooked since Joe Montana signed in 1993. He is the senior editor for a Chiefs blog, Arrowhead Addict. He helped turn a Manhattan bar, The Village Pourhouse, into a Chiefs bar.

On Monday, Chargers’ special counsel, Mark Fabiani, joined XTRA Sports 1360’s “The World of Sports with Chris and Ben” and spoke about the issues surrounding the team’s bid to get a new stadium built in San Diego. While most of his rhetoric was all too familiar to Chargers fans, it simply reaffirmed that winning immediately is critical.

But the issue is only going to gain pertinence at the upper echelons of the game. At the macro level, so much has already been accomplished. There is a 10-year CBA in place. The television contracts have been extended into the next decade. Attention is now focused on taking over the last top American metropolitan market without a team, and then, ultimately, developing strategies for expanding the brand globally, which very well could include a franchise in London at some point.

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