LA Chargers News

Morning Dump

By Ernie Padaon

The San Diego Chargers, who have blacked out fans six times in the past two seasons, have decided not to take advantage of the league’s new blackout policy that would allow them to set the attendance threshold at 85% capacity.

The Chargers made no secret what their desired areas of improvements were when picking a pair of front-seven defenders with their first two picks in the draft. OLB Melvin Ingram and DL Kendall Reyes should fortify the group by adding depth, but also with their pass-rush abilities to be used on third down.

In a desperate attempt to sell tickets, the Chargers are aggressively marketing to Kansas City Chiefs fans.  Yes, San Diego is trying to fill their stadium with fans of their rival in order to make money.

Hundreds of fans, family and community members gathered for the ceremony, where Oceanside officials unveiled the monuments by removing a traditional Samoan tapa cloth from them. The landmarks are displayed in front of the Beach Community Center and the Pier Amphitheatre.

At a tribute held Saturday in connection with the annual Samoan Cultural Celebration, Oceanside dedicated the local amphitheatre and community center to Seau, who died on May 2.